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Azerbaijan: home to tea, pancakes and horses

September 9, 2016


You may not know this, but Azerbaijan recently celebrated 25 years of independence. In this short time, the country has become a popular destination for tourists and contractors seeking new opportunities. If this little-known country is somewhere you’re thinking of relocating to, here are a few interesting facts to be aware of:

  • Pancakes are a national delicacy: Known as Kutabi, the country’s national dish is savoury filled pancakes. These are often stuffed with pumpkin, vegetables, meat or herbs and are certainly a must try for visitors.
  • Tea is popular, particularly with jam: We Brits might be well known for our love of tea, but Azerbaijanis also share this passion. Social occasions call for tea with numerous trimmings, though unusually, the drinks are often sweetened with jam and flavoured with thyme, lemon, mint or rosewater.
  • Sugar is a sign of wedding agreements: Following on the tea theme, when families are discussing marriage arrangements, sugar served with this popular beverage is a sign that a wedding is in sight. If served without this sweetener, it’s taken as a sign that negotiations will need to continue.
  • Horses are national treasures: The karabakh horse is one of the oldest breeds in the world and originates from Azerbaijan. It’s well-known for its speed, intelligence and endurance.
  • It’s pretty small: At just 86,600km² the country is only four times the size of Wales and is dwarfed by its neighbours Russia, Turkey and Iran.
  • It’s home to a city built on stilts: Originally developed as an oil rig with a few elevated walkways in the Caspian Sea, the settlement of Neft Daşlari is now a city built entirely on stilts.
  • The Fire Mountain is a fantastic attraction: Known locally as Yanar Dag, this natural phenomenon is in essence a fire that burns continuously in the mountain, feeding off huge underground gas stores.
  • There are numerous volcanoes in the country: In fact it has more than 400 mud volcanoes, more than any other location across the globe.
  • The capital is a must-see: Baku is known for its amazing architecture, with numerous buildings making the list of must-see properties, including the Flame Tower skyscrapers and the mirror-like SOCAR Tower.
  • Baku also hosts Little Venice: Situated in the capital, this man-made waterway has a number of islands connected by bridges and gondola is the choice of travel for many.

Azerbaijan certainly sounds like an attractive place to visit. Indeed it is becoming a popular place with contractors across numerous specialisms. However, as with any move abroad for work, it’s vital that you are aware of the various tax laws to ensure you remain compliant and avoid potentially hefty fines. Contact the team today to find out how we can help you with this.

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