Working in a foreign country can turn up any number of unforeseen problems, not least where compliance is concerned. It can be all too easy to make mistakes regarding tax, social security and immigration laws when contracting overseas, which is why we only provide 100% compliant solutions out of our 20 worldwide offices, no matter where you wish to operate, your country of origin or where you are tax resident. When working around the world it is vital to use a service provider with the expertise and knowledge to get you the right deal; we have both global reach and local knowledge at our disposal, so we can provide you with compliant, effective, contracting solutions wherever you are.

We don’t like to give contractors or clients the hard sell; we’d rather miss out on your trade than send you away with an ineffective solution. We take a consultative approach to those we work with because we want to ensure that you come away with a solution that you’re comfortable with that will suit the structure of your work and your personal work ethic. It’s important for us to take time to ensure we make the right decisions for you, all the while working as quickly as we can to get you up and running.