We feel that our PAYE service is one of the most competitive and best in UK – which is why so many recruitment agencies recommend us. With one of the most admin-free, streamlined services around, our contractors find our services incredibly easy to use.

We strive to make the contracting experience as painless as possible so you can concentrate on the job at hand. As well as this, we genuinely care about our contractors, so we are always honest and upfront about what we provide.

Our services are friendly, flexible and accurate, simply because we put the contractor first. Here’s what our services can mean for you:

Daily payment – we run 4 payrolls per day and pay our contractors every day by ‘Faster Pay’; no bank charges, no waiting around.
Experienced staff – we don’t just employ anybody – all of our staff embody the breadth of experience and knowledge that our company is renowned for.
Contractor care consultants – each of our contractors is given a dedicated contractor care consultant to help them get the more out of our services.
Fast turnaround on requests – got any problems, queries or requests? We promise to get back to you, quickly.
Online contractor portal – access to our CXC portal, where you can access timesheets quickly and effortlessly, view payslips and all documentation related to your contract
Statutory benefits – as our employee, you will be entitled to all statutory employment benefits
Pension scheme – after 3 months continuous employment you will be enrolled on our pension scheme
Operating with an RTI (Real Time Interface) with the HMRC ensures that as soon as we process a payment for you, your contributions in Tax and National Insurance are immediately processed and registered.

We receive weekly updates regarding our contractors Tax Codes directly from the HMRC, meaning recalculations and rebates can be processed directly and swiftly through our payroll.