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Why Chile is the future home to tech innovation

October 24, 2016

www.despositphotos.com/© tifonimages
www.despositphotos.com/© tifonimages

If you were asked to name the world’s most hi-tech city, where would it be? Arguably the majority of us would automatically refer to San Francisco, the home of Twitter, Google, Apple, Facebook and many more. But there are other locations that aspire to this title and which have certainly earned their place on the list of drivers of technological innovation. Here are just a few:

Santiago, Chile

The Chilean capital has recently become known as a tech hub due, in part, to incentive programs like the state-backed, foreigner-friendly, Start-Up Chile which gives promising start ups funding and a year’s visa to come and work on their ideas in the country. It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that the newly dubbed Chilecon Valley is predicted to soon be full of electric vehicles charged by smart power grids and many other tech innovations.

Songdo, South Korea

Located just eight miles from the country’s largest international airport, this tech hub is not only the world’s first smart city, but also the largest private development in history. Even the waste disposal system is high tech, with a pneumatic system developed which directs all refuse to an automatic underground processing facility, negating the need for garbage trucks and bins.

Tokyo, Japan

With the 2020 Olympics set to be hosted in the capital, it’s perhaps no wonder that Tokyo – already relatively well-known for its innovative tech developments – is planning to use this huge event to build a completely hydrogen powered Olympic Village.

Tallinn, Estonia

Referred to as one of the most technologically promising capitals in Europe, Tallinn is, in fact, the birthplace of Skype. Having gained its independence back in 1991, the country invested vast resources into IT as part of its economic development and subsequently became the first city to hold government elections online.

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